Monday, April 27, 2009

Dine With a Detective (and Eat the Evidence?)

We the genteel ladies of this blog, aka the Cozy Chicks, put our minds together (insert snarky comment HERE) to discuss a group project involving one of our favorite subjects – food – and came up with a few ideas we believe are pretty good – no, make that great . . . okay, stupendous. But we couldn’t decide which way to go with them, so we’ll leave it to you to make that decision.

If you’ve been hanging with us for at least a year, you may remember the progressive dinner we did previously, which many of you wrote to say you enjoyed. So we thought we’d do a variation on that theme.

All you have to do is vote for one of the choices below or, if none of them appeal to you, and/or you have an even more stupendous idea, write it in and we will consider it. (We are the final arbiters, after all.) Then we’ll tabulate the results and come up with a way to implement the top pick. Sound fair? Okay, here goes:

A. A virtual progressive dinner over the course of one week featuring dishes in which famous literary sleuths (or sleuths’ sidekicks, e.g. Holmes’ Dr.Watson) might have partaken. Each day would feature a different sleuth’s recipe based upon the country and year in which the character lived, as well as any known preference for certain foods. Each Chick picks her own character.

B. Same as above except using famous movie or television detectives/sleuths/private eyes.

C. Same as above except using the sleuths from the Cozy Chicks’ very own mystery series. (e.g. on Monday I might feature one of Grace’s famous English scones served at Bloomers Flower Shop).

D. A dinner using famous literary, movie and TV detectives, and you get to vote on the characters we use.

Now it’s your turn. Vote for A, B, C, or D, (or submit your own idea and readers can vote for it if they so choose). And don’t forget to include names of your favorite sleuths, too. I’ll be collecting your answers all week. Stay tuned....

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Have a great week!
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