Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Back to the Earth

Sales at the seed companies are way up. Burpee, for example, is showing a 30% increase in sales. And many of their customers are first-timers. Gardener 101. I'm jumping on the band wagon. By borrowing tools, using seed exchanges (online), and doing the work myself, vegetable gardening is supposed to have tons of benefits.

1. The work will keep me in shape.

2. The veggies will be healthy (unless I dump chemicals on them. And I won't!)

3. I can save big bucks. Burpee says cost-saving ratio is 1-to-25 with the most savings on bell peppers and snap peas.

4. I'll learn so much. (My husband was amazed when he found out that potatoes grow under the ground. At least I'm ahead of him.)

My family homesteaded in the Michigan Upper Peninsula. My grandmother gardened. My Mom has a small garden. I tried my hand at it years ago, but some of it didn't grow and what did was eaten by wild critters. This time I'm determined. I have a weapon to try, a spray bottle filled with some kind of egg and water mix, a gift from my mother.

And I have my gardening for dummies and idiots books.

Today's project - digging up several layers of black plastic around an old swing set, where I plan to plant my beauties.

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