Monday, April 20, 2009

Are You A Twit – I Mean Twitterer?

I’m curious. Why is the site called Twitter? Why do twitterers tweet and not, well, twitter?

And yes, I do tweet, although it’s more like a cheep, because I was kind of a chicken about getting into it. I mean, who cares if I’m painting my toenails? Or drinking honeybush caramel tea?

But I was told it was part of staying in touch with readers, so I signed up – or on. Whatev. At first I just stared at the page, wondering what two line bit of my life would interest others. Then I noticed that I had no followers. So who would be reading my bon mots anyway? And how do you get followers?

Okay, I thought, I’ll follow someone else – like Ellen deGeneres. She should be a fun person to follow. Or.... not so much. Seems she does regular things, too, and not all of them extremely fascinating.

Yet I kept reading about how people are addicted to Twitter – from the mom waiting for her kids to get off the bus to the congressman waiting for a bill to pass. Everyone, it seems, understands its magic except me.

I finally watched the instructional video on the Twitter home page. It helped. I could see possibilities. How great to have your family on line. I’d love to know what my daughter and son and step-daughter are doing at any particular moment in their young adult lives. In fact, I wish my aunts, uncles, and cousins were on it, too. They’re scattered all over the country and I have no idea what their lives are like anymore. I could sign on tomorrow and find out that my cousin was going to her doctor to have a suspicious mole checked, that my aunt had just returned from a great vacation in North Carolina, or that my son had quit his job . . .

Well, maybe I don’t want to know everything. Still, I can see benefits. My biggest problem is a lack of time. I’m already on Facebook and Myspace, and keeping up with those sites alone is quite a task. Is Twitter worth it? I’m still deciding. Maybe you can help.

Do you tweet? Are you addicted? Do you think it’s silly or a great way to keep in touch? If you don’t, are you curious? Would you try it? If you do, let me know how you like it. Hey, you could even tweet me! Birds of a feather flock together kind of thing.

Have a great week. Tweet, tweet.
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