Thursday, March 26, 2009

Your Favorite Mystery: Hollywood Style

Have you ever gone to the movie version of a beloved book and thought, “Who did the casting for this film? They must not have read the book at all!”

This weekend, I attended the Festival of the Book in Charlottesville, Virginia. I was on a panel called “This Job Can Be Deadly” with Mary Ellen Hughes, Ellen Byerrum, and Gayle Trent. Someone in the audience asked which actor we’d like to see cast as our hero or heroine.

I’d never thought about this before! Who would I have play James Henry? James is warm, sensitive, hard working, and loyal. He’s cute but not studly, pudgy, and a bit bookish. Hardly Brad Pitt or Hugh Jackman material.

Suddenly, it came to me! Greg Kinnear, of Little Miss Sunshine fame. If he’d be willing to gain about 30 pounds, he’d be the perfect James!

A few days ago, someone posted this link to the Mystery Writers of America group:

On this site, you can look up your favorite book and cast the actors you’d like to see star in the movie version. It’s fun! Look up Carbs & Cadavers if you’d like to cast some of the other Supper Club members.

Authors - find your books and choose your stars too! If your books aren’t listed yet, a quick email will change that within a few hours. I know I saw Michele’s on there.

So have fun and feel free to share your book-movie actor castings!
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