Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"You Say It's Your Birthday"

"It's my birthday too--yeah"
Well, it really is my birthday today. March 4th.
I've mentioned before that I'm a late bloomer. My last child at 38, an English degree from the University of Wisconsin at 45, my first published mystery the year I turned 50, and a new three book contract at 56. I have to quote Margot Finke here. "Who cares a worn cliche if the flower of our talent is late blooming - as long as it blooms."

As soon as I hit 50, I felt that a new chapter of my life was beginning. Isn't that sweet? If you feel like you're not getting where you want to go fast enough, consider these late bloomers:

1. Laura Ingalls Wilder's first Little House book, published in her 60s
2. James Michener's Tales of the South Pacific, his first, published at 40
3. Watership Down, Richard Adams at 50
4. Raymond Chandler's first, The Big Sleep, published at 51

We bring such rich experiences to our work as we age. We're past caring about "Publish or Perish" because we know it isn't true. At least for us.

Everyday is a new adventure. Embrace whatever the day brings. Slow down and enjoy that strange process called your life journey. Because as the Beatles tell us,
"We're gonna have a good time."
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