Sunday, March 1, 2009

Yes Girl

I have a teeny, tiny problem--well, it's actually quite large, and it's actually caused me some heartache and now it's causing me to really reevaluate some areas of my life (career, friendships, etc). You see, I am a "yes" person. It is almost as if the word "no" is not in my vocabulary. The real problem that this causes I realized (as I was visiting with my parents this weekend and my dad talked about a story from his past) is that it makes me overpromise and under deliver. In other words, i do everything in my world "half-a....," and that is a problem.

For instance like this morning, I teach Sunday school. Yes, believe it or not, I am a Sunday school teacher. I have oodles of faith and love teaching the kids. I taught last year and found that there were some Sundays it was a conflict but I had made a commitment, so off I went. Part of it was that I felt guilty if I didn't get my rear into church. Ah--guilt--the "yes girl's" best friend. When the time came for new teachers to come on board, there was a lackluster response from others. Guess what happened--I reupped because if they didn't get enough teachers we were going to have to cancel the program, so I am in for another year.

I volunteer at our school as well and I am teaching this really cool creative writing course to 8th grade (see my other blog-- ). Love the kids. Love what I am teaching, but gotta tell you that the time commitment is huge and I have so many other things that I have said, "yes," to. They include being a room parent, fun club parent for pony club, writing five hundred thousand books at one time (okay that is an exxagerration, but it does feel that way) and on and on. And, as mentioned, it makes me do all of it at only 50%. I really want to and need to break this cycle because frankly it is exhausting. So, my line for the rest of the year is, "You know, I would love to do that (participate in, whatever), but I'm afraid I just can't take that on right now." Or maybe I should just say, "NO!"

How about you--anyone a "yes girl." If you are and you've broken the habit, how did you do it? How do you feel now? If you're still saying yes, does it exhaust you or do you feel good about it? And if you are a yes person, are you able to get it all done? If so, please share some time organizing tips, or anything that might help.

If you're not a "yes girl or guy," but you do have an area in your life that you want to make changes in, what might that be? Why do you want to make those changes and how will you do so?

Have a wonderful week.

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