Thursday, March 12, 2009

When Writers Bond

We writers are an odd bunch. We spend most of our free time hunched over our keyboards, our thoughts consumed with fictional people moving about imaginary places. Usually, we're introverts, but are capable of brief moments of showmanship (such as panel talks, readings, or short presentations).

What we seem to like most, however, is to spend time with other bibliophiles. For me, it's nice to know that there are other people out there trying oddball things in the name of research (i.e., hypnotherapy, spray tanning - I will blog about this next week :), skydiving, sticking our hands into a hive full of buzzing bees, etc.) and it's a comfort to know that other folks talk to their characters in the shower, on walks, and during long road trips. 

Because most of you are fond of cozy mysteries (thank goodness), it wouldn't surprise you to discover that many of your favorite writers are friends. Sometimes we're cyber friends, sometimes we share a laugh a few times a year at conferences, and sometimes we actually get to rant and rave to another sympathetic writer over the phone.

I wanted to tell you about a newsletter featuring two writers you know: Michele Scott and Jessica Conant -Park. For those who love food and food-themed books, this is the place for you. This month, my friend Lorna Barrett and I are giving away goodies to celebrate the launch of this fab newsletter.

Check it out at:

Who do you like to talk to most about books?
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