Wednesday, March 4, 2009

When Grown Women Have Too Much To Drink

For the past month, I’ve been helping my friend’s husband plan a surprise party to celebrate her 35th birthday. (Yes, she’s a younger friend). To really make the party unique, we decided to give it A Sex and the City theme. My friend loves fashion, food, and the show, so we figured it was the perfect fit.

I sent out invitations asking folks to dress as one of the characters and to meet up at a Tapas-style eatery downtown. The food would be hip, the music cool, and the guests wearing their funky best. I chose to be Samantha Jones because I’m tall and like to wear wigs. (I know – it’s weird).

My friend came as Carrie and she looked fantastic. The cake was vanilla and chocolate with chocolate polka dot fondant and pink butter-cream icing cosmopolitans.

It all sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

Not for this woman. Well, at the time I was flying high. The party was a hit, I was having fun channeling a woman who is a heck of a lot more brazen than I, and the bartender just kept pouring those Cosmos. Let me tell you – those things go down real smooth.

I believe I had seven of them. Maybe eight.

I didn’t feel drunk. Folks tell me I didn’t act drunk. But the next day, I had a headache and didn’t want to eat. Sounds mighty like a hangover, doesn’t it? That’s because I’m not 35 anymore. Or 25. And I rarely drink, so all those cocktails did me in.
I’m a wee bit embarrassed over letting go like that, but I will say that my wig (and my fake beauty mark) stayed on all night!

How about you? Done anything slightly embarrassing lately?
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