Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Fever

My garden is now years old? And it is beautiful.

Okay, not Home and Garden beautiful, but beautiful to me. Right now it's a tangle of sweet pea and roses and daffodils. Everything has tiny green buds or red-edged growth. It's a good thing. The blossoms are shedding from the plum tree and everything is covered with white confetti. It's...pretty. It's festive.

The white garden, which is now more of a white and pale pink garden is gorgeous. It finally looks like I always wanted it to -- barring that little bit of *&^%$#ing Bermuda grass at the edge (that I can't ever seem to completely eradicate).

Despite the harsh winter it looks like almost everything made it back. Granted, it's still too early to tell with some plants. Not sure the lavender made it. For some reason, I cannot grow lavender. It's supposed to be perfect for this climate, but I kill it -- every single variety has succumbed.

Yesterday I dragged all the succulents out of the library and the garage, and today I planted a few morning glory seeds beneath the kitchen window. I've been weeding and feeding. It's good to get out and move around. This is the worst part of writing...sitting on one's ever-expanding butt all day. Being in the garden, especially at this time of year reinvigorates me. It's sunny but not too hot yet and the breeze is making that rushing water sound through the pines next door. Birds are singing, the chimes are

I think the digging and mixing is good for my wrists too.

Lovely start to the morning. I'm trying to do about an hour a day. Good for me, good for the garden, and not too big an investment of time or energy. So that's done and breakfast is over, and I'm now settling down to work.

I know. I said I would take weekends off, but I can't quite do it yet. But it will be a more gently paced day.

How's your Saturday? Do you have your gardening gloves on?
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