Friday, March 6, 2009

Read an Ebook Week

My editor at Perseverance Press just dropped me a line saying that Docketful of Poesy, which comes out next month, will be available as an ebook through Amazon's kindle.

The other Poetic Death books have been available as ebooks, but as far as I can tell, they haven't done much. Mostly because cozy mysteries are not marketed to ebook readers (although they do reasonably well as audio books). Anyway, I'm wondering how much the market for ebooks has changed since the last Poetic Death book?

This week is official Read an Ebook Week. I bet you didn't know that, did you?

I discovered ebooks about two years ago, and I have to say I've learned to enjoy them. I admit to being very low tech. I don't have a Kindle. I don't have any reader at all -- I read PDF files on my laptop. But ebooks are fun. I've heard them described as our generation's pulp fiction, and I think there's some truth to that. There's a lot of wild and wacky stuff happening out in electronic publishing.

Just in case you're feeling adventurous, let me recommend Fictionwise which acts as a kind of ebook store. I did a quick search of Diana Killian and discovered that my books are available there...but judging by the reader reviews...not really what the typical ebook reader is looking for. In general niche publishing fares best in electronic format.

The scariest thing I noticed at Fictionwise is that my ebook titles released through Pocket are more expensive than the paperbacks were...which is fairly outrageous given that ebooks pretty much cost nothing to produce. I'm guessing this is mainstream publishing trying to take advantage of the ebook market while not really catering to it. Missing the point, in other words.

Anyway, anyone own a kindle? Anyone giving ebooks a try? What do you think?
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