Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ode to the Repairman

Ahhhh, the joy of home ownership. Yes, we all love having our homes, and in this wretched housing market that's especially true. But, with home ownership comes the responsibility and the inevitability of home repairs. In fact, that's why I'm late blogging for this Tuesday.

Last night, Monday, I noticed the downstairs shower collecting water while I was showering. Not good. And sure enough, I checked the toilet, and that was rising too. Drat. We all know what that means. The line is clogged. So, instead of posting last night after my shower, I was emptying the linen closet of towels and putting them all on the downstairs bathroom floor to catch the water that was leaking out. Sigh.

Thank goodness my trusty plumber-drain service guy squeezed me into his schedule this morning. All praise the plumber. Face it----if you want to be someone that is universally loved, appreciated, and always paid----be a plumber. We call them at all hours and---bless their hearts---they come. Believe me, I'm happy to pay the plumber. We call them because we need them---that very minute. Nothing gets our attention like water backing up in the shower drain or the toilet. That qualifies as a home emergency in my book.

So----now I'm here in my study on my desktop rather than laptop posting away, listening to the metallic sound of the snake going down the drain. Ahhhhh-----sweet music to my ears.

Ohhhh---and my plumber, Vern, reminded me to put a cup of bleach down my drains monthly with hot running water. I'd forgotten he'd told me that. After he'd scolded me for putting grease down the drain. Ohhhh, yes, I said, sheepishly. I'd forgotten he'd warned me not to do that. Bad Maggie. I must remember to write down "Bleach" on my daytimer. Maybe that will jog my memory.

I'm sure you guys have repairman stories to share, too. Let's hear 'em.
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