Monday, March 30, 2009

I Hate This Friggin PC!

I've wasted an entire afternoon trying to fix a problem with my writing software. And it's not like I HAVE an afternoon to waste. I have a manuscript to revise and send back to my editor by Easter, a new website that needs material, appointments, family matters . . . . AAAACK. And yet here I sit, trying to figure out these #!!^@!! error messages.

This started after I installed the new version of Word Perfect Office and was tooling along just fine with it when suddenly the thesaurus feature was gone. Poof! Not there. I clicked on Help and it was gone, too! So, genius that I am not, I decided to uninstall the software and reinstall it. Simple.

Go to Add/Remove programs. Click on remove. And VOILA! I got an error message telling me the softward failed to install. Install? I definitely pressed remove, so why is it trying to install?
Second attempt also failed to install or remove, or even repair. So I checked with Corel's FAQ support and learned it wasn't their problem. It was a Windows problem. Sure. Pass the buck.

Okay, time to pay attention to the error message. "Error 1324. Installation failed. Word Perfect Office X4 contains an invalid character."

Well, then let's kill off the bloody character and start the plot fresh!

Yeah, right. Try telling Microsoft that. But no, they want me to go into the registry editor and correct all the invalid characters in the string. What string? Where? I don't see a string. Is it hanging from a balloon? Tied to a finger?

Oh, wait. Before I do that, I have to create a backup of the registry, just in case, you know, I do something wrong, like create PERMANENT FATAL ERRORS. Ya think? So I downloaded the software to create a backup registry, then tried again. But when I typed in the error message, all I got was a line that said "default" and then a few letters that looked nothing like a program that might have anything to do with Word Perfect.

Okay, fine. Be that way. I'll just uninstall the damn writing software and start fresh. Oh, wait. That was how I got into this mess.

So after four hours, I'm right back where I started . . . Does anyone have any idea where that might be? Help?

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