Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Greetings from Hawai'i

Hey, gang. It's shorter today, because I'm out here on the Big Island of Hawai'i for the Left Coast Crime mystery conference. I'm doing two panels and also signings. And in between, I'm trying to do some sightseeing, since this is my first trip to Hawai'i.

I did a 12-hour Grand Circle Island Tour on Saturday which goes around the entire island. You see everything for miles of fields entirely covered by previous lava flows from the still actice volcanoes. Then scenery changes and you see greener, coffee plantations, then Macademia nut plantations, then Volcanoes National Park which combines lava landscape and still active craters with tropical rain forests. Really. Then up to Hilo and different coastline then waterfalls and back into tropical forests again, then fog shrouded area which would give Seattle and Oregon a run for the money. Pea soup thick. Then, back to the west coast where the sun returned.

We're staying on the sunnier western coast in Waikoloa area at a Marriott with beautiful location and surroundings. Pools and palm tree surrounded Bay. Even sleeping sea turtles.

I'll take one more sightseeing trip Thursday afternoon and evening which takes us to the summit of Mount Kea to look thru telescopes and gaze at the stars. Should be fun.

This is my first Hawai'i visit, but lots of people go multiple times they tell me. How about you guys?
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