Monday, March 9, 2009

The Flip Flop Flap

Flip flops – do you love them or hate them?

I grew up wearing them. Walked everywhere in them. Now, however, that little thong in the middle irritates me to the point that if I wear them, that’s all I think about. A trip to the grocery store becomes: “Ouch, ouch, need peas, ouch, lettuce, ouch, wonder how the peaches are today, ouch, out of my way! My feet hurt!”

Maybe I just need to keep wearing them until I develop a callus in that tender area between my toes. Or maybe I should wear my comfortable sandals and get over my flip-flop envy.

And envy it is. Do you know how many variations on a theme are out there? How many racks are devoted to them? So I’ve been conducting a little poll, a flipper count, if you will, while in Key West with all the spring breakers. It seems every person younger than thirty wears them--plain, jeweled, thick-soled, hand-tooled leather, bronzed, gilded, silvered – all the time, rain or sun. (Yes, I've heard even in snow.)

Not so much with the over forty crowd, where it divided pretty evenly between athletic shoes and sandals, although I did see a number of flip-flops, mostly pool-side however. And in the over sixty bunch the numbers dropped dramatically. I saw a few local senior citizens sporting them, but no tourists.

So, back to my original question: Flip flops – do you love them or hate them? Why? Do you wear them?

p.s. For those of you who read my post “Oh, What a Wicked Website We Weave,” please make sure you own your domain name so no one can hold it hostage.
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