Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dinner, I mean, Breakfast is Served!

Everyone wants to save a buck these days. My family is definitely no exception. One of our largest bills each month is the food bill. With five of us and two of the five being teenage boys, food does not come cheap and it does not last long around here.

Without trying to be too much of a buzz kill, I've cut way back on the pretty packaged spending. I want the kids to have snacks, but I'm buying more fruit for snacks and it's cheaper and healthier. I also got them each a reusable water bottle (again--less expense and better for the environment). I'm still trying to find more creative ways to cut, but here is one that I am sure some of you do that I have now decided will be a once a week tradition. Breakfast for dinner.

Being that during Lent, Friday is a no meat day, I usually try and be as creative as I can (pasta is a good choice), but this week there was no pasta, no spaghetti sauce, nada. I was tired and grumpy and when I got home from the barn and realized it was after six and I needed to make dinner and I had not a whole lot in there to make, I felt a bit desperate. Then I started looking through the fridge and the cupboards a bit more closely. Eggs! Pancake/waffle mix! Fruit! Cheese! Onion! Cilantro! Spinach! and some seasoning! See where I'm going? I fixed a frittata, waffles, and sliced fruit. They were easy, tasty, and less expensive than most dinners. Plus no one complained. Usually my youngest chimes in with a "it's too spicy." Not Friday night.

From now on I am looking at doing breakfast for dinner at least once a week. How about you? Any creative ways to save at the grocery store? Or any creative, inexpensive (healthy) dinners that can be thrown together with relative ease? I'd love to hear from you.

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