Sunday, March 22, 2009

Demystified and Debunked

I love the bullet points, and I've taken note that the blog followers are ineterested in the writer's life. Well, I can't speak for anyone else but my own life as a writer. So, here goes....

Monday: Booked my private jet to fly me to Paris
Tuesday: Flew to Paris on my jet, ate lobster and drank champgane on flight over while having my shoulders rubbed by a Hugh Jackman look alike. Spoke with agent and publicist. Made lunch appointment in the city with them.
Wednesday" Shopped in Paris with personal shopper...
Thursday: Flew to NYC and had long lunch with agent and publicist.
Friday: Flew home and wrote 115 pages (had to write some time, right?)
Saturday: Had massage, facial, and husband made gourmet meal, roses, candles and sent little one to parents' house, older kids were at friends...

Oh wait: That's not this writer's life!

Rewind and restart!

Monday: made breakfast, fed cat and dogs, drove youngest to school, walked for 45 minutes, revised paranormal mystery proposal for literary agent, wrote five pages on wine #6, shipped out three boxes for contest winners, worked on blog tour for Zamora book, picked up youngest, went to parents' hs. and wormed horses, drove to our barn and gave horses supplements, came home, checked e-mails, fixed dinner, corrected homework, got little one in bath and to bed.
Tuesday: Same morning stuff (breakfast, kids, walk, etc) wrote 12 pages on wine # 6, revised a paranormal thriller proposal, blogs for blog tour, got kid, rode horses, quick grocery run, made dinner, checked e-mails, homework check, American Idol!
Wednesday: Went through 50 pages of revision on a family saga that is done but needs a little tweaking, worked on book trailers, 3 pages on wine # 6, got youngest, rode horses and the same as Tuesday evening.
Thursday: Morning routine except for walk (no time), went to 5th grade class where I read first chapter from Zamora and answered questions. I felt like a freaking rock star! Ten-year-olds are the BEST. Had a doctor appt. wrote only 3 pages again, picked up youngest and took her to riding lesson where she had a bad spill, but is okay--mom is still spinning though.
Friday: School auction day and this writer is also a room parent--took auction item to banquet hall, e-mailed marketing stuff to correct contacts, wrote dismal 2 pages wine book, drive to tack shop and got tack cleaning supplies, breakaway halter, and pellets for horses, picked up youngest's saddle, bridle, etc for cleaning, picked her up, e-mails, facebook check, got ready for school auction in 25 minutes (short hair makes this possible), picked up friend to go to auction and left dad with a list of items to be done, went to auction and much to this writer's delight won 3 facials (have not had facial in years), came home, climbed in bed.
Saturday: very early rise for youngest one's horse rally an hour away and all tack was clean--dad came through! All day at rally. Home at 4, have big glass of wine, check e-mails, make shrimp scampi and write weekly blogs.

There you have it--probably bored the hell out of you, but that is this writer's typical week. I liked the the jet and Paris version better. LOL.

Tell me about your weekly schedule. Is it usually pretty stactic or is it a mixed up kind of messy thing that you bend for and wade through? If you don't answer anything but one question here, please answer this: What do you think a writer's life is like? Glamorous? Starving artist? Romantic? A job? A chore? What? Has you initial impression of the writer's life changed over time? Been demystifed? Or are writers a mystery more than ever to you? Love to know our thoughts!

Have a great week!

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