Friday, March 13, 2009

All in a Name

I’m stuck.

I’m working on a new book, something of a thriller/crime fiction, starring a somewhat newbie FBI agent named Natalie.

Natalie started as Natalie Sawyer. But the last name wasn’t quite right. She then went to Natalie Fitzpatrick.

Nope, not working for me.

I’m toying with Natalie Ryan and Natalie Kelly, but I’m not thrilled with those either. Something’s just not quite right. And I’m so picky about such things that all work on the manuscript has come to a screeching halt until Natalie has a last name that fits.

So I’m opening this up to suggestions. Since I don’t know if this book will ever be published, I can’t promise a dedication or acknowledgment, but I can give away a signed copy of Weeding out Trouble to the person who suggests the best possible last name for her (with me being the oh-so-impartial judge).

I’m looking for something a little different, a little edgy, but not over the top (like Cashdollar—a surname I saw for the first time yesterday!).

Any suggestions??? (Please!)

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