Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Sound of Silence

Imagine you're alone for three days. No housework, no phone calls, no animals to let out or feed. No distractions at all. Now further imagine that you're in a small cottage in the forest with large windows that bring nature inside. The view is white birches and forest cover and snow. Silent motionless peace.

I'm at the end of the second day of self-imposed exile in Door County, Wisconsin. The first day, after 7 family members left, I felt painfully lonely and thought about going home. Then my brain kicked in, I let out a joyous holler, and went to work, producing more words on paper than every before in one day. Day two, I passed the first day's words in two hours, banging on the keyboard until I'd written almost as much as I usually accomplish in an entire week.

I'm on a roll! Not only are the words forming, I have a clear idea (finally) where this story is going. I have to do this more. Why haven't I? My kids are grown, my husband can handle a few days without me. The dog will survive my husband's haphazard care. Why?

Tomorrow afternoon, I'm making the three hour drive home. That's the plan, unless we get the predicted snow. I'm kind of hoping for the snow.

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