Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Obstacles and Opportunities

If we're going to be active participants in Life, it's inevitable that we encounter some obstacles. Some are small and are easily maneuevered around. Others are big and wide and we run smack into them. Sometimes we fall down.

If we're writing novels and trying to sell them, those obstacles usually come in the form of rejection by editors. Ask any published author, and most will tell you they still have their "rejection" file. That odious file folder where we filed all those rejections during all the years we worked so hard---getting closer and closer to our goal of selling our novels. I still have my file.

If we're looking for a job----either a new job or--like thousands and thousands of people in our country right now--looking for a job to replace the one we lost or were "downsized" from---then the obstacles we encounter are many. Phone calls to office maangers or personnel offices not returned. No follow-up phone calls after interviews. Sometimes---the obstacles seem to be everywhere. When we look in the newspaper, there are no jobs in our field or the area we worked in before. Where do we look for work? Do we have to leave our town and change locations to find a job?

Obstacles are everywhere. And nowadays, we find more and more people facing them. Maybe I've been watching too many news programs on television, but the media seems to talk of nothing else, so it's on my mind.

These are difficult times. But----at the risk of sounding unrealistic----we will get through them. These circumstances will not last forever. Forecasters and politicians toss around time frames as to how long this recession will last. They don't know. No one knows. So----perhaps we should stop listening to them and start listening to our "gut." Our instinct. That little voice inside us.

If your gut or instinct has been whispering in your ear lately, my advice is: listen to it. Our instinct usually has the best advice of all. Maybe your instinct has a new idea for a different course of action or career path. Or maybe another way your old job skills can be used in a new or different way. Take the time to consider the new ideas. Let them play around in your head for a while. One or two of them may resonate with you inside.

And, who knows? You may find the obstacles you encountered actually became the gateway to a new opportunity in your life. See what happens.

Have any of you experienced obstacles leading to opportunities in your life? Share them with us. We all need some good "news" stories.
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