Friday, February 20, 2009

Danger Girl

I would never describe myself as one who walks on the wild side. I’m your average, everyday, play it safe kind of cozy chick.


The other day I stopped to fill up my gas tank. Usually I follow the rules and faithfully stand next to the pump as the tank fills. But it was cold. And windy. So (whine, whine, whine) I ducked back into the car to stop the shivering. I did keep the door open, but I know it’s wrong. And dangerous. And silly. But I did it anyway.

Then there are the times I kinda-sorta enter through exit-only lanes. On purpose (it’s faster!).

But, really, that’s just about the extent of my wild side. Like I said—I like to play it safe. So much so that when I thought about this blog, I tried to come up with lots of things I do dangerously—and could only think of the two above! (Ruled out: obsessively hitting the snooze button and not flossing twice a day.)

I’m going with the notion that my safety first attitude is simply an adorable quirk. I’m not totally in need of therapy—after all I do let my inner wild child run loose in the pages of my books. That counts, right?

How about you? What’s the last dangerous thing you did? Or are you completely safety obsessed like I am (don't get me started on how over-protective I am of my kids!)?

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