Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Comments on Comments

I'm a chronic lurker, a virtual peeping Tom, an eavesdropper. I'd give anything (almost) for Harry Potter's invisibility cloak. I belong to 12 listservs, write 3 blogs and visit 9 other blogs on a regular basis. And I feel guilty all the time because I don't usually post to the lists and I rarely comment at the blogs.

I used to feel sorry for the commentless blogger because I judged readership by the number of posted comments. Then I had my own blog, added a hit counter, and learned that comment numbers don't tell the whole story. By a long shot. In fact, there are a whole lot of you out there just like me! Listening in.
Why don't I comment more? Who knows. I read all the comments (love them) and I really, really want to comment, but I just can't bring myself to participate unless I'm truly inspired. I agonize over it. Should I speak up more? What should I say? And who really cares? On those rare occasions when I do add my two-cents, I feel pretty good. Still, next time it's the same story.

I know it's supposed to be good for me, especially on a professional level. Get my name out there. Interact. I should be posting witty, interesting, informative comments. Engaging others. Or I should be commenting just to let the blogger know that I'm out there, paying attention, and liking what I'm reading. Right? Instead, I hang out behind the curtain, watching the show from backstage. But I'm comfortable back here.
I love my early morning ritual. A steaming cup of coffee next to my computer, spending time with my favorite blogs, tuning in to what they have to say.
I realize that I'll always be a lurker. And maybe that's okay.
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