Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back on the Air At Last

Okay----I'm on the mend from that exceedingly nasty flu which laid me low all last week. I finally had a doctor listen to that deep cough, and yes---it had started in the chest, so I started antibiotics, which will take care of that. This has been the worst flu bug I've experienced in years, given the severity of its symptons. Yuck.

But one thing that helped me get through all that nastiness were my favorite three shows---back at last---LOST, "24" and Damages.

LOST started out posing as many puzzlles as it answered. I swear, those writers are fantastic. They must lie awake at night thinking of tricky plot twists to keep up all fascinated. And I have some questions that maybe have been puzzling you folks, too. I'd love to hear some of your ideas.

I was horror-struck to see Locke in that coffin at the end of last year's ending episode. Oh, no! Locke is like the "spirit" or heart and soul of the island. How can he die? I have a feeling he's not really dead, but maybe that's just wishful thinking. What about you guys? Also puzzling is that early scene in last year's episodes showing Sun giving birth in Korea to her baby and visiting Jin's grave. But then we all saw a scene where a perfectly healthy Jin is racing around Seoul buying a stuffed bear as a baby present. We're convinced it's for Sun, only to see him give it to an older man at the hospital as a present for his new grandson. Meanwhile, Jin walks away as if blissfully unaware his wife and baby daughter are alive and in the same city. And this season, we get to see Jin rescued by that French team on the way to the island. I had a feeling Jin was blown clear of the ship explosion.

Of course, I don't have the space to keep going with the puzzles involving the rest of the cast of characters. Meanwhile, the action started off fast with the new season of "24." I reallyh liked the change of setting to Washington, DC. And I definitely like the female President of the US. Excellent actress, but can't remember her name. As always, multiple plots are going on that threaten the US and regular people trying to go about their daily lives and are swept up in the maelstrom.

Finally, the Emmy award-winning Damages with Glenn Close is back with a 2nd season. And the wonderful William Hurt is playing a major character in this storyline. Again, the plotting is intricate and tricky and leads in all sorts of directions with clues and red herrings. And the acting is stellar.

So, tell me-----do you have any clues or guesses as to what's happening in these series I've mentioned? Share them with us, please.
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