Saturday, January 17, 2009

You've Got to Break a Few Eggs

I'm totally out of the blogging habit as you can see because it wasn't until three seconds ago that I remembered I had Saturdays now. I remembered Monday and Tuesday, and had to keep reminding myself that Deb's now on Wednesday, and then Wednesday came and went and I merrily forgot all about the blogging gig.

Hooboy! The chicks are going to lynch me!

Anyway, today's post is on making the perfect omelet. Remember in Sabrina when Audrey Hepburn (Sabrina) makes dinner for Linus (Humphrey Bogart who...well, frankly NOT my idea of a dream date) in his office? I think she whips up the perfect omelet out of two eggs, club soda, and a couple of martini olives. So this is proof that her years in France were not wasted.

As an aside, I've always wondered what those stray eggs were doing in Linus's fridge. I used to have a little fridge in my corner office, and I can assure you that the closest thing in there to a dairy product was a couple of bottles of that Starbuck's mocha coffee. Maybe the eggs in Linus's office were used to pelt board members when stocks fell? Who knows.

Anyway, Sabrina whips up these (two -- enough for dinner) omelets out of thin air, which, while not on the scale of fishes and loaves, is still pretty miraculous, I think.

My own omelet making is more of the cheddar cheese and bacon variety, although I've done interesting things with black olives and spinach given time and inclination. So today's belated question has to do with omelets. Favorite recipes? Tips? Thoughts on the omelet as the most sophisticated of chick feed?


My relaunch winner is Peggy Graham. Congratulations, Peggy. Let me know if you would prefer that I use a different name than your own in the next Mantra for Murder novel!
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