Monday, January 12, 2009

Winners All

Thank you, everyone, for all the great post comments. Wow. I could tell I hit on a subject that resonated with lots of people. If there's one word (or words) of encouragement I can give to everyone it is this: Do NOT get discouraged. There will be weeks when your weekly weigh-in on your bathroom scale shows a weight loss. Yay!! Celebrate your success. But also---there will be weeks when you've done everything right and the scale stays the same. Maybe the week after, too. Don't give up. That happens to everyone. It's a temporary thing, and it doesn't mean you're not losing. You are. If you measure, you'll probably see less inches somewhere. Your body is simply "adjusting" to the changes you're making.

Keep it up, folks. Believe that you will succeed, and you will. Honest. Picture yourself more slender in your mind. It works.

As for me, my Saturday weigh-in showed a 2lb loss which is great. But I know that won't happen all the time. But----I know I will succeed in the end. I believe it. The power of "belief" is huge, folks. Take it from me, it can work wonders. it can do a heckuva lot more than move off unwanted pounds.

So----keep the faith. Besides, the exercise is absolutely great for your body. Exercise alone can help "keep away" some of those life-threatening diseases.

Well----I promise I will NOT sermonize any more. Not in any future posts, either. So hold me to it, okay? Meanwhile, I've chosen a winner for the week for my blog. I had 33 comments in all and they were all great in my opinion. So, I had to pick the winner "randomly." Kind of like rolling dice, in order to be fair.

And the winner for Tuesday's Cozy Chicks Blog Post with Maggie Sefton is: BousMama who posted on January 6th. Please contact me before next Monday night so I can mail your prizes to you. I will be sending a set of signed copies of the Kelly Flynn mysteries + a copy of my real estate sleuth mystery pubbed by Five Star in 2005, DYING TO SELL. That was actually my first amateur sleuth mystery. I will also be sending a choice of a $35 gift card. The winner may choose a gift card to either: Lambspun of Colorado (knitting shop in Ft. Collins, CO) or Barnes & Noble or Starbucks.

So0000 "BousMama" let me know if you're interested in receiving the prizes by emailing me at: and tell me your address. Meanwhile, thank you SO much to all you folks for participating in Cozy Chicks Grand Re-Launch!
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