Monday, January 26, 2009

What Do You Do When the Handyman Doesn’t Show Up? (Besides want to choke him?)

Times are tough right now. The worst they have been in decades. Employees are being laid off by the thousands every week. So many people are desperate for work that they sit by the side of the highway with signs begging for any kind of job to do – and I’m talking about business men in suits. So why doesn’t my handyman show up?

I used to think it was because he had too much work. A man who can do many things is in high demand. Who do you call when your door sticks? When the window trim has rotted? When the mice have eaten their way into your garage? A handyman.

And now there are lots of men out there, all vying for those scarce jobs offered by people who can still afford to hire someone. You’d think my guy would show up.

This isn’t limited to handymen, by any means. And it isn’t limited to keeping appointments. It also applies to painters, carpenters, repairmen, what have you, and it applies to returning phone calls, too.

“Hello, I’d like to get a quote on how much a new roof would cost. Please get back to me.”

“Hello, I called earlier about a quote on a roof? Could you give me a call?”

“Hello? Is this a working number? IS ANYONE LISTENING? Could you please be COURTEOUS enough to at least let me know you’re NOT interested? Thank you!”

It’s enough to make me want to strap on a tool belt and take the jobs myself. Except that I wouldn’t know the first thing about repairs or roofs or window trim or whatever.

Handymen? Painters? Jack-of-all-Trades? Don’t you need the work? Cause if you do, you sure don’t act like it.

Have you had this experience, too? Tell me I’m not alone.

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