Tuesday, January 6, 2009

This Time, I'm Gonna Do It

You can tell what I'm going to write about, can't you? Yep. A New Year's Resolution. Note that it's singular. This year there's only one. A resolution I've told myself I'd do for the last five years but haven't been able to pull off completely. I've gotten close, then fallen by the wayside, off the wagon. Use your metaphor of choice. This year is different. I can tell. This year, I'm gonna do it.

What is it? Losing weight. Yeah----that oldie-but-goodie that keeps bedeviling us. But this time I WILL lose those 20 lbs. I swear I will.

Twenty pounds? I hear some of you pooh-poohing right now. But don't laugh. Those last twenty pounds are the hardest, the worst, the last to get rid of. They're the vanity pounds. They do not want to leave. And I don't know about some of you 55+ girls, but menopause threw a wrench into my life. I'd kept myself slender and in shape for a lifetime with cardio (running) and other exercise plus eating properly. No problem. I could even binge somewhat on weekends. I always ran it off. Not anymore. After menopause, my body changed. I started gaining weight and it didn't want to leave. My regular cardio workouts kept me from gaining more, but the odious vanity pounds didn't want to leave. And they've been there for five+ years.

Why haven't I gotten serious before now? Well, a good reason. I had to re-create my life and then start this crazy career of writing novels. As other writers will tell you, working an office job full-time and writing novels part-time doesn't leave much room for anything else. I kept my cardio workout going by getting up at 5:30am every weekday morning to go work out then return and get ready for office. Night time was for writing. During those years, nuns had more social life than I did. No lie.

Finally I was able to quit the office job, but the writing schedule and travel started to rule my life. Morning cardio was still there, thankfully, but no time for any new routines to be added. Whenever I tried, I had to travel, and when I returned, I'd gotten out of those good habits.

I hope I'm not putting you guys to sleep with all of this. I'm choosing to post on this personal subject on the first week of our great new re-launch of Cozy Chicks Blog for a reason. I have a feeling there are lots of you guys who've experienced the same frustration. So---feel free to share your diet and exercise stories, experiences, successes, lapses, whatever. Trust me, we won't be posting weights on the blog, so we're all safe.

AND---as Kate told you yesterday---we're celebrating the re-launch of Cozy Chicks Blog with daily contests. We'll each be choosing a random comment from our individual daily posts and announcing those people as winners next week. And we'll each be sending individual prizes to our winners. So---stay tuned and keep those comments coming folks. Happy New Year!
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