Saturday, January 31, 2009

Slumber Party Time

My nieces are growing up. Remember slumber parties?

Yes. I do too. I remember good ones...something to do with a ouija board and s'mores which I'd never had before. I remember hearing some of the scariest ghost stories I'd ever heard at slumber parties, and having my toenails painted for the first time, and having some of my misconceptions about boys corrected.

I remember bad ones...the worst being the ones where my formerly best friends didn't invite me.

I don't know how kids do it now, but back in the day (and it really wasn't THAT long ago, was it?) little invitation cards would be passed around class and invites handed out. Devestating if you weren't invited. Maybe it does everyone a little good not to be invited once in a while, but if the uninvited is one of my little kinfolk...I CAN'T TAKE IT. I feel worse about any slight to their little hearts than I ever felt about a slight to my own.

Anyway, fortunately they are reasonably popular children and don't suffer too many slings and arrows, and their stories of slumber party thrills make me feel...old.

But I also remember the fun of a gaggle of little girls (and even in college, we were pretty "little," now that I think of it), twittering confidently on about what they would be -- and do -- once they attained the glory of adult status.

So what about you? Any slumber parties in your past? Best slumber party? Worst slumber party? Do you still have slumber parties with friends? I did up until a few years ago. I think marriage effectively ended my personal slumber party days (except for the ones I have with my nieces).
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