Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nicknames and My Own Scooby-Doo

In our house the animals are definitely a huge part of the family. The dogs sleep on the bed, the couch, the chairs (basically wherever they want). This was started by my husband years ago as his family always allowed these (dare I say) indescretions. For the first few years of our life together I complained about this--I mean I nagged the hell out of him and the dogs. And then, one day, I just said, "Ah screw it." And now I have even been caught inviting the dogs to get up on the bed or couch with me. Now these aren't little dogs. We have a Rhodesian Ridgeback (I created Ollie in the Wine Lover's before we got our ridgie) named Java. Java weighs 115 pounds. We also have a half lab/half shepherd mix (although I swear she's half coyote) named Mylee (yes after Mylee Cyrus, but now my daughter claims she doesn't like Hannah Montana any longer, so it is a good thng we have a handful of nicknames for the dog and now more often than not, she is called Ninee--have no clue how we came up with that). Ninee is the smart one, and Java is the pretty one.

My husband also does this thng with the dogs where he has nicknames (like Ninee). He has these names he calls them that don't even really make sense. For instance he calls Java--Mundo, Javalito (that one I get), Ridgee (get that one too), Mundolini,Regine, Scooby--yes the poor dog is probably not as dumb as he sems, just very, very confused. I know I would be confused if I had four or five names. My beloved doesn't just have nicknames for the dogs. He has them for our daughter, too. He calls her Toots, Tootie, Boogie, Jenkies, Kaleita May, and Shooter Bug. Thank God the child is very bright and also good natured, so she puts up with the bazillion nicknames. Does anyone out there have nicknames a plenty for their loved ones, pets included?

Okay, now I did say that I was also going to give you a little more ghost story stuff, and this week it concerns the ridgeback with a million names. We live in an old neighborhood in San Diego. Most of the homes here went up in the 1920's and 30's. We're very close to the old naval training facility that has been around for eons. In the last few years, the facility has been developed with shops, restuarants, parks, schools, museums, gyms, churches, etc. It's quite a large area, so it's still being developed. In one of the areas where the buildings have not been renovated is a nice size park that has gone in. Imagine old historic buildings on either side of this new park. There's a beautiful water fountain in the middle and Magnolia trees line the place on either side. The buildings are old but still beautiful--very vintage with a lot of that California/Spanish architecture. The windows are dark and in many of them you can actually see torn drapes--it looks like a place where ghosts would want to hang out.

Now you have the scene set, this is where we like to walk the dogs because it's a large area for them to run and because it's not super busy there with people yet. We've been walking them down there for about a year now. Recently the developers began working on those buildings and I don't know if they stirred up something up, but Java when down there now tucks his tail between his legs, his ridge stands up on end and he literally looks as if he is looking inside the windows of the buildings. His eyes scan all around and the poor boy is truly terrified. My husband who isn't into ghosts and any of the hocus pocus crap that I'm into has even said, "I think he's seeing something." Hmmm--you think? Java has now done it at home a few times, where his eyes begin scannning a certain area and it looks as if he is following something. I have no clue if the dog is losing his mind, but I doubt it. I think he sees dead people. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Many of you have shared your paranormal experiences and I love them. Let us know if any of your animals have ever acted strange--maybe sensing something, or stories where an animal has saved someone, etc. Bring on your animal stories, ghost stories and all those whacky nick names.

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