Friday, January 23, 2009

High Flying

By Heather

Confession: I’m a nervous flyer. I internally freak at every noise, bump, and shift of the airplane. I’m in constant prayer from the time I buckle my seatbelt till the you’re-free-to-move-about-the-cabin announcement is made. And it’s all repeated in reverse for the landing.

I do, however, love airports. It is the ultimate place for people watching. I had the best time on Monday in the midst of flight delays and plane changes watching little vignettes of humanity like:

-The overzealous TSA agent in Burlington, VT who took her job very seriously. Her endless tuneless whistling alternately entertained and drove me crazy.

-The young couple whose flight was so delayed they were going to miss their connection -- which in turn would make them miss their cruise departure. I couldn’t keep from watching this drama play out.

-The father and son who arrived at the gate eight minutes before the flight they were on was originally scheduled to leave only to find out their seats had already been given away. The rub? The flight had been listed as delayed on the board, so technically they’d arrived well in advance of the required ten minutes before departure. The additional rub? The wife/mother was on the flight and ended up flying to their destination without them. The father was M-A-D. Quite a scene.

-The young man in the Philadelphia airport who had flown to California to pick up a boxer puppy and bring him back to NY. The puppy was sheer joy during the stress of canceled flights, long delays, and a stifling overcrowded airport.

The free show put on by fellow passengers was better than an in-flight movie and almost worth the stress of flying.


What’s your favorite airport/flight story?

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