Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

I'm fessing up. I enjoy many things in life more when I feel guilty about indulging in them. Yup, it's true. For example, what if chocolate was good for you? If it didn't have a single fat gram? Would you still have that stash in your dresser drawer? Probably not. Or maybe, but the attraction might fade. Okay, that's not the best example.

Moving on.

I feel deliciously guilty for liking Velvetta cheese when my friends make their grilled cheese sandwiches with award winning cheeses. And I'm hit with a combination of joy and guilt every time I go through a McDonald's drive thru for a Big Mac and extra large fry. Those fries are tastier simply because I shouldn't have them.

Other guilty pleasures:

  • Staying in my robe all day

  • Listening to John Denver

  • Indulging in gossip

  • Shopping and spending way more than I should

  • Sneaking into another movie when the one I paid for is over

What about you? Any guilty pleasures to share?

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