Saturday, January 10, 2009

Green Gate One

Well, here at Cozy Chicks this has been a week of discussing new beginnings -- of trying things we've never tried before or finally making time to do some of those things we've always wanted. We've been talking about...adventure.

When I made the decision to try writing full time I did enter into the greatest of all adventures. It was a huge risk -- and it continues to be, I suppose -- but it was the dream of a lifetime, it was my first ambition from childhood on, it was the thing I wished for on every set of birthday candles.

But I still have a few little ambitions left, and one of those -- believe it or not -- is to read all of the Three Investigators books.

I read most of Nancy Drew, most of the Hardy Boys, a lot of Trixie Belden, and a few Judy Boltons, but as much as I enjoyed the Three Investigators I only read three or four of the early ones.

I was researching something on the web the other day and I ran across a great site called Green Gate One. It's all about the Three Investigators -- loads of background and information -- and I suddenly remembered I'd never read all the books, and that it might be fun to go back and check them out.

So...who were your favorite childhood sleuths? And did you read all of them? What book(s) or series have you always intended or wanted to read but never got around to?


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