Monday, January 5, 2009

Do You Have a Bucket List?

First of all, welcome to the Cozy Chick's new blog site! To celebrate our grand relaunch, each of us will be giving out a prize to one lucky person per day. So please take a moment to comment below so you'll be entered into today's drawing. I'll personally send you a prize and I promise, you won't be disappointed. Daily winners will be announced in the following week's blog, so tune in next Monday for my winner.

Now, onto today's topic: The Bucket List. What do you want to do or see or try before you die? It can be romantic, daring, sentimental or exciting. Let your imagination soar.

Before I'd ever heard the term "bucket list" I had one. Mine was rather pitiful, though, being composed mainly of things I wanted to eat or drink. Truffles (dark chocolate, not the fungal variety), lobster Newberg, Chateaubriand, authentic Irish beer, authentic Greek moussaka, expensive port – you get the picture.

Eventually I moved onto wanting actual experiences. And so far, I've accomplished quite a few: hot air balloon ride, cave spelunking, snorkeling, touring the land of my father's ancestors in Ireland, donkey ride up the steep cliff of Santorini, viewing the actual Yellow Submarine from the Beatles' song on display at the palace of Monaco, river cruise down the Seine, gondola ride in Venice. And next up, a camel caravan to see the pyramids of Egypt. I'm a little nervous about that one.

And I've got more: I want to go to England, my mother's ancestral home. I want to see Australia and New Zealand, and so many other exotic places. Not sure I'll ever get to finish my list, but just having a list is fun. Plus, the more adventures I have, the more I can write about.

Your turn. What kinds of things are in your bucket? Be bold. Be daring. Life is short, but your list can be as long as you like.

Good luck with our contest!

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