Friday, January 30, 2009

Bad Boys, Bad Boys

By Heather

I don’t know where I went wrong.

My daughter has a crush on a guy who:

*Is a control freak

*Is a stalker

*Is a homicidal maniac

This is highly disturbing on so many levels. The only comforting thing about it is that the guy is fictional.

His name? Phantom. Phantom of the Opera.

I’m new to the Phantom’s world, just having seen the movie (2004 version) for the first time. My daughter had raved and raved and raved, so I was expecting the Phantom to be on the level of Mr. Darcy in the world of fictional boyfriends. And yeah, okay, I did feel empathy for the Phantom, but I couldn’t overlook his other, oh, sociopathic tendencies.

But no matter how I’ve tried, I can’t convince my daughter to look at the Count (the good guy) in a different light. I’m just hoping that when it comes time for real-life boyfriends, she’ll make the right choice.

Tell me—who are the fictional bad boys you hate to love?
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