Tuesday, January 20, 2009

At The Movies----Again

That's right. I've been at the movies again. Catching up on some of the movies that have come out that attracted my interest. I haven't seen everything new that's out, because quite frankly--not everything in the cineplex attracts me. At least not for full price. Some flics I'll see at the discount movie. I figure it's gotta be pretty bad not to be worth $3.

Also---I do NOT, repeat, do NOT watch those horrow flics. They seem to be aimed at teens and are standard date movie fare. I don't know about the dates, but they'd definitely give me nightmares. I still remember when my oldest daughter Christine went to the first "Freddie Krueger" movie years ago. And later that night, 6 foot one inch, middle-blocker, take-no-prisoners Christine spent the night in her younger teen sister's room. Five foot three Melissa. I never saw the movie (what? are you kidding??), but I heard about certain scenes and maybe saw some previews and it was seriously scary.

Anyway----back to today----Let's see----Since Christmas I've seen Curious Case Benjamin Button, Valkyrie, Seven pounds, Marley and Me, Slum Dog Millionaire, and Australia. I have yet to see Doubt or Defiance.

Of the ones I've seen, I'll separate out Marley first, because it's a special movie all to itself. Like a good horse movie, a good dog movie is hard to beat. But this one is hilarious. Marley truly lives up to his billing as the "world's worst dog." You have to see it to believe it. And there's not a dry eye in the house at the end. Even grown men are wiping their eyes.

Benjamin Button was enjoyable because the aging process was fascinating to watch and to see how the story moved along plus Brad Pitt is always easy on the eyes. Valkyrie was very well done and respectful to its subject matter. Australia was a good old historical flic with villains to hiss and heroes to cheer and conflict and obstacles and a love story and lots of action. Broad brush strokes across Australia's canvas. Seven Pounds-----well, I gotta be honest. I knew within the first two minutes where the story was going and had it confirmed in the next three minutes. Will Smith is ingratiating as all get out, but this script was disappointing. The script where he's left alone in New York City with his dog and accosted by these horrendous creatures was way better than this.

Which brings me to the the one which beat all the rest of them hands down: Slum Dog Millionaire. Now there's REAL drama. Real pathos. Real tragedy. It even has a sweet love story woven through it all. And those young unknown actors (unknown to the Western moviegoers) are simply marvelous. It has a GREAT story. Empowering, touching, and funny as all get out. Honest. Hilarious at times. Bollywood learned from Hollywood decades ago, and boy----have they been strutting their stuff these last few years with the excellent and equally hilarious and touching Bend it Like Beckham and Monsoon Wedding---amongst others.

Yes, Slum Dog Millionaire was initially shown in indie cinemas, but after winning FOUR Golden Globes, it's being shown in the cineplex. Do yourself a favor and give it a try, as well as some of these other good movies. Enjoy!
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