Friday, December 5, 2008

Working Title: Opposites Attract

By Heather

The setting: In the car on a beautiful night exactly one week ago. It’s one of those blue black skies that twinkle with countless stars, a sliver of a moon, and Bob Ross happy little wispy clouds. In the distance, out of nowhere, an unnatural white glow lights up the winter sky. The glow quickly fades.

The characters: Me and He

The dialogue:

He: Did you see that?
Me: What was that?

(After much squinting and quiet pondering, we deduce it must have been a lone firework.)

He: At first I thought it might have been a shooting star.
Me: I thought it might have been a plane falling out of the sky.

(He gives a meaningful look in my direction. I could tell it was meaningful, even though it was dark, simply because we’ve been married so long those kinds of things are just instinctual. Or, okay, maybe I just wanted it to be meaningful. I’m a fiction writer. Give me some leeway, people.)

He: Does it ever amaze you how differently our minds work?
Me: Always.

( works. And has for over 19 years.)

The conclusion: We drive home, where the TV is turned on to NOW (with David Brancaccio – the best name EVER) and the whole weird light-in-the-sky incident is quickly forgotten except for a little part of my writerly mind thinking “How can I work this into a blog?”

The End (and they lived happily ever after)

Epilogue: Are you a shooting star type of person? Or a falling plane? Or...what's the latest opposites attract moment with your significant other?
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