Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Little Rearranging

Do you ever have those times where you look around your living room and decide, without a shadow of a doubt, that the couch would look better by the window, the artwork is all wrong, and the table from the other room would look much better flanking the fireplace?

Next thing you know, you’ve pulled a hamstring moving the entertainment center, you’ve scavenged the house for different accessories (even venturing into the far [scary] corners of the basement), and you’ve been to four stores looking for just the right curtains to pull everything together. And it was soooo worth it. You were right—it looks great.

Well, we here at the Cozy Chicks have looked around our theoretical living room and decided it was time for a change.

We have a couple of good news/bad news situations.

Bad news: Karen, after much consideration, has decided to hang up her Chick hat. As a founder of the blog, this was a hard decision, and the rest of us Chicks wish her all the best and hope she'll still pop up from time to time.
Good news: We’ve added a new chick to our little corner of cyberspace. Hopefully she’ll be able to start this week, maybe next.

Bad news: Diana is on hiatus until her super crazy schedule settles down a bit.
Good news: This means Diana is busy working on fabulous stuff we’ll all be able to read soon! Until she returns, the Saturday blog will be filled with bits and bobs and maybe a guest blogger or two.

The new weekday schedule will be as follows:

Sunday: Michele
Monday: Kate
Tuesday: Maggie
Wednesday: The new mystery chick!
Thursday: JB
Friday: Heather
Saturday: Diana (when she returns).

And to top it all off we will be having a grand re-launch soon with giveaways and possibly a few new changes to the site. There are a few things still up in the air, and we hope you bear with us while we continue our theoretical search for those new curtains. It will all be worth the wait…

Wishing you our best,

The Cozy Chicks
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