Tuesday, December 9, 2008

In the Holiday Kitchen

By Maggie

Okay, to be honest, I actually got out my fudge pot on Black Friday Long Weekend. That's right. I shopped all day and made Maggie's Chocolate Mint Fudge at night. All three nights. Had to. My youngest daughter, Maria, made one request for Christmas presents this year. Since she has just arrived in Iraq for a second tour (Bagdad and the Green Zone, this time, thank heavens!), she requested my chocolate mint fudge. A lot of it. She's planning to share it with comrades and co-workers and our young troops out on the line (just like she did back in 2007 for the first six month tour in Basra, Iraq).

So----I've been making fudge and am still at it. Except tonight. Tonight I made my Gingersnap cookies. Incidentally, I've included both recipes for fudge and gingersnaps in the back of my latest Kelly Flynn mystery, FLEECE NAVIDAD. I figured since the book was filled with holiday warm and fuzzies, I should add extra recipes (and patterns) at the back of the book.

The gingersnaps take a lot more time than the fudge because I have to cook separate batches until the entire bowl of cookie dough is done. That takes a while, believe me. Of course, things might have moved a little faster during the mixing ingredients phase, but I had to step over Puppy Max and Katy. Step over them lying right behind my feet, chewing bones. Or, rough-housing, doggie style on the kitchen floor, growling as only doggies do. Or, simply having them stand RIGHT UNDER MY FEET, waiting and hoping for something to fall off the counter so they can lick it up off the floor.

Max, of course, still in the "naughty puppy" phase, keeps putting paws up on counter and wanting to take things off. Or----push the turnstile open in the cabinets and stick his head all the way in, while I'm trying to cook. Or---steal the kitchen towel and start chewing it. Or, try to take things off the dining room table, which gets him in WAY more trouble than anything else---since I keep manuscripts on the table. A-hem.

Ohhhh---and in the spirit of Michele's movie post, I saw the new Bond movie weekend before last. I just love Craig as the new Bond, ever since I saw him in Casino Royale. A whole new, vulnerable, conflicted, complicated Bond. Ohhhhhh, yeah.

Excuse the diversion. I'm now returning to my fudge pot. And the doggies beneath my feet.

Have you started cooking? What's happening in YOUR kitchen? Any wrestling pets or kids?
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