Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Buds for Life

by Deb Baker

When Maggie announced the adoption of her new puppy, it got me thinking about the animals we live with. I don’t know about you, but they bring such joy to my life that I couldn’t live without them. I love four-legged critters so much that they are always included in my stories.

Gretchen Birch, the protagonist in my Dolls To Die For series, has a black teacup poodle named Nimrod and a three-legged cat called Wobbles. I created the little poodle as my own special fantasy. I’d love to have one in my family but I’m trying to resist, and writing about Nimrod helps control the temptation. Nimrod travels in Gretchen’s purse and knows how to “hide” whenever she enters a dog-forbidden area like a restaurant or food market. Wobbles, like most cats, hates riding in cars, so he controls the home front. And control it he does.

My own animal companions are growing old. Lightening the cat is 12 and Border Collie Sarah is 13. I can’t introduce a new pet to the house right now. My furry friends are comfortable in their old age and a feisty wild young thing would stress them out more than perk them up. Lightening is sitting on the table next to my laptop as I write this. Her eyes are closed in contentment. Sarah’s snoozing at my feet, but she has one eye open in case I start moving. My buds.

Think about some of your favorite mysteries. How many include animals? I bet most of them do.
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