Sunday, December 7, 2008

007 and Husbands

By Michele Scott

Hello Everyone. Sorry to have been away and amiss. Without going into detail, let's just say this hasn't been the best of years (for most, me included). I am putting all the icky stiff behind and moving forward and that means I am jumping back in with the Cozy Chicks at full throttle.

And, speaking of full throttle--anyone see the new Bond movie? Last night my husband and I and our good friends decided to go for it. Let me back track here--it was my idea to see a movie because in my world seeing an (adult) movie is seriously a luxury. Sure my boys are big guys but we still have our youngest around and we have certain criteria about what she can and can't see--Bond is not on her list of can sees. But when I came up with the movie idea, i figured it would be really fun to go do the girl thing--you know, hang out with my friend, talk about Grey's Anatomy, have some wine and go see a full on chick flick. But we both quickly became aware that the finagling this would take around husbands wouldn't be worth the hassle. You see (there is no other way to put this, and I mean it with nothing but love) but both of us have babies for husbands. If you don't live with one of these types of hubbies, let me explain. A baby husband wants to do everything with you, go everywhere with you and just wants to be with you, and it's not in a controlling way, but in this, "I just love you so much way." Yeah--I can hear some of you saying, "Oh that's so sweet." Others are going, "Oh God, that's awful." I'm in the latter group and so is my friend. I think independence is a very good thing and being a writer, I tend to be sort of solitary anyway. But, it's all good. I'd rather deal with my adorale cling on, then some jerk. It's just he needs a friend--thus, my friend's friend could be an answer to the problem. We shall see.

Anyway, back to Bond. We decided on Bond because our outdoorsy, fishing, surfing, rugged type men (How funny is that) because our hubbys are not really into chick flicks. But I am good with Bond and so was my friend. I mean what isn't there to like about a James Bond movie? He can manuever a transport airplane through creviced mountains against fighter pilots in Bolivia, detsroy them and still come out alive while parachuting down with his latest love interest. Now that is only one scene and I won't spoil anything else, but how do you not love that? I don't know about you, but if I'm in a plane going down, I want Bond flying that sucker.

And, Bond knows how to charm the ladies--both on the screen and in the audience. He's got that down. The one problem I have with the Bond girls is they are still girls. Come on--throw in a forty-year-old for once. There's a lot of hot women in their forties, fifties and on. Why is it Bond is like forevor fortyish, but Bond girls are twenty--and they're all smart and gorgeous. I don't know about you, but I wasn't exactly spy material smart at twenty. Hell, I'm not even spy smart material at (oh forget it). And beauty--have you read in some of the magazines where they say this Bond girl (can't think of her name ) looks like a girl next door? Pleeeeze! She looks like she just walked off the catwalk in Paris. Legs that long should be outlawed.

Okay, enough with my tirade on young, hot Bond women--let's face it, I'm just jealous.

I loved the Bond movie, like I love all 007 movies. I asked my husband when we got out of the theater if he liked it, and you know what he said? "What I saw of it. Didn't you see me closing my eyes. I was so tired." What! No I didn't see him closing his eyes. I was too busy watching Bond blow the crap out of anyone and everything. How do you sleep during a Bond movie? Ay, ya, ya! Guess he would have been snoring at a chick flick. But he's all mine and I do love him, and he may not be 007 but at least that means he won't be blwoing up anything and narrowly escaping speed racers driving Aston Martins shotting oozies at him.

Good to be back!

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