Saturday, November 22, 2008

Would You Rather Edit or Get A Root Canal?


It’s that time again. Editing time. I’ve done all I can to avoid it including cleaning out the house, making Christmas lists, and planning a research trip for my new series. Now, the clock is ticking and the deadline approachith.

There shall be no escaping the edits!

I know editing is essential. It’s always my goal to produce a complicated but logical plot and a smooth flow of language. But after the rough draft is done, that’s not what I have.

How many times does your work go through the editing machine?

At this point, I’ve edited each chapter once, but not I’m going back to Chapter One and rereading the entire book. I have to ensure that the breadcrumbs I dropped about the killer and the crime make sense before I pen the final two chapters and I can’t focus on those clues with grammatical errors and flat dialogue bogging me down.

This process normally takes two weeks, but I only have one. I need to get a completed and somewhat polished draft off to my friend and to my sister-in-law so they can give me feedback before Christmas. Then, I’ll edit the book two more times before sending it in for the December 31st deadline.

And what will I do in the meanwhile? Edit! My copy editor is sending editorial questions for the 5th supper club, The Battered Body and my editorial team from St. Martin’s has warned me that their questions on the first bible study mystery, Stirring Up Strife, while also arrive in a week or two.

I’ll be editing three books in December! Help!

And knowing myself, I can’t focus on work unless the rest of my life is in order, so today I’ll edit two chapters and get some Christmas shopping done. I may also eat a lot of chocolate over the next 45 days!

What gets you through a seemingly mountainous task? I could use some suggestions! J

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