Friday, November 28, 2008


By Heather

A few weeks ago I posted about the cheaper things in life making us happy. For me, it was new windshield wipers…

On this Black Friday, as crazed shoppers hit the stores for the best bargains, I’m curious about the splurges we still allow ourselves.

With such a tight economy, will our dollars stretched thin, what won’t we give up? What are the things that we put our foot down, say oh-no-I-won’t and don’t even bother looking at the price tag because it’s worth every penny in our piggy banks?

For me, it’s Yankee Candles (it’s obscene how much I can spend on them), fresh fruit and vegetables, Aveeno moisturizer, and haircuts. There are more, but as I’m writing this I’m starting to realize that I’ve hardly cut back at all! Not good.

So, what are your splurges, your must-haves?

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