Friday, November 14, 2008

Sometimes It’s the Simple Things

By Heather

For months I’ve been living with windshield wipers that, well, barely wiped. On rainy days I had to lean forward and painfully crane my neck to see through the only rectangle of clear glass on an otherwise blurry windshield.

Buying new wipers was just one of those things that I put off and put off until I had a permanent crick in my neck and a deep-rooted dislike of rainy days.

But finally—finally!—I wandered into the auto section of the local Meijer, found a buy one, get one free sale (the luck!) and brought home two new wiper blades.

The total cost: $9.99

The happiness at being able to see through my windshield on a rainy day: priceless.

Sometimes it just amazes me how something so utterly simple can provide such joy (bring on the rain!). And befuddles me as to why it took so long to get replacements. It won’t happen again—trust me.

Is there something inexpensive and simple that you’ve bought lately that’s given you tons o’ happiness?

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