Saturday, November 29, 2008

Not Twins, but Eerily Twin-like

By Kate Collins

I used to fantasize about having a twin -- someone with whom to do things when friends weren't around, share inside jokes, have a private language. Both sides of my family have sets of twins, and I was always fascinated by their similarities. Now I'm discovering that my sister and I, nine years apart and living in different counties, have remarkably similar traits and tastes, some of which could not have been picked up in our childhood years.

For instance, our cell phone ring tones. We have different phones, different phone companies, and a whole slew of tones from which to choose. We picked the same one, a doorbell. Why?

I have a weird way of folding an electrical cord for storage. My sister watched me do it and said, "Freaky. My whole family thinks I'm strange for folding it that way." I suppose it's possible we saw our mom store an electrical device that way, but I sure don't remember ever standing still long enough to watch her fold a cord!

We picked out the same shampoo, out of all those products on the market. Ditto for make-up. At our big Thanksgiving dinner, my husband was standing between us and said the effect was stereo-like. (Possibly because we were both instructing him on the proper way to slice the bird.) And we do, indeed, share a private language. One glance or key word will set us off into giggling fits. We can't even explain it to our bewildered children.

Do you see that among members of your family? Or are you a twin and have some really freaky coincidences? I love these stories. Please share. Who knows? Your tale might end up in one of my next books.

Have a great week,
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