Friday, November 7, 2008

History Homework

By Heather

When I was in sixth grade, my class was assigned a report. Basically we had to track down our oldest family members and elicit from them a description of life during the Great Depression.

In high school, I had much the same assignment, only this time it was to ask family members where they were the day JFK was assassinated and to describe what the aftermath was like for them personally and for the nation in general.

As I sat watching Barack Obama’s acceptance speech these assignments were at the forefront of my mind. Because as I listened, I couldn’t help but feel that someday one of my grandkids (not that I have any yet!) or great-grandkids (ditto) will come to me with a class assignment…

Why? Because I was watching history--the kind of history that will go into school books, the kind assignments will be based on in years to come. I'm too young for most of history's Big Moments, but this...this I'll remember and pass on to future generations, even if it doesn't involve homework...

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