Saturday, November 15, 2008

Here a Fear, There a Fear, Everywhere a Fear, Fear

By Kate Collins

I'm afraid to open the newspaper in the morning. Or turn on the television. Or listen to the radio. Everywhere I look, I see bad news. Wait, make that BAD SCARY NEWS. Stores going under. Banks being bailed out. Auto manufacturers in desperate straits. Stocks plummeting. Book sales going flat. AAAAAACK!

Okay! We get it! Our economy sucks big time. Can't someone start reminding us that there are good things happening out there? Somewhere?

Such as savings. For the first time in ages, people are saving money instead of spending it. That's a good thing!

And nutrition. People are going back to the basics, using fresh produce – onions, carrots, potatoes, olive oil -- to cook a meal, instead of what passes for a meal at fast food restaurants.

And families. They're eating at home – together!

And charitable giving. There are people in more dire straits than we are -- and we want to help them.

We're going back to a simpler life. Is that a bad thing? How is your life changing? What sacrifices are you making now and do any of them have silver linings? Let's cheer ourselves with some happy news for a change.

Kate, looking on the bright side
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