Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Black Friday-----Dead Ahead

By Maggie

Yes, folks, I know I'm crazy, but I actually look forward to the 3-day shopping extravaganza that follows Thanksgiving. I make my list, check it twice, and hurl myself into the shopping masses. Of course, I do NOT get up eaerly to sit in cold parking lots or lines outside stores. Oh, no. I believe in working out, having breakfast, then attacking the stores. A lot calmer, I assure you.

Why do I like it? Simple. I get all my holiday shopping down in those concentrated three days. Plus, I also do the gift-buying for my 88-yr old mother who no longer wants to walk through stores to shop. I enjoy it, so I get to do hers, too. I'm a sucker for practicalit and my Black Friday shopping is super practical. Sales are everywhere as well as discounts.

The only tricky part of this plan is getting the lists of gift suggestions from my family. They're much better now than a few years ago when I started this holiday "tradition." I had to threaten them with the dreaded "fuzzy slippers" if they didn't supply gift ideas. Fuzzy slippers work, folks. Try it.

However this year, I think the Black Friday spree will look very different. For starters, I think there will be less people shopping because of the recession. And even those of us who are still shopping will spend less money. I always have a shopping budget, and keep myself on track. But this year I think I'm going to do what I read others are doing: Use cash. Nothing like watching the cash in your wallet dwindle down to keep you on track.

How about you? What changes are you making in your holiday shopping habits this year?
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