Friday, October 31, 2008

Things That Go Bump

By Heather

Confession: Halloween is my least favorite holiday.

It hasn’t always been this way. When I was little, I liked dressing up, grabbing my pillowcase (woe the year it had a hole in it), and running through the neighborhood, gathering enough candy to give the local dentist nightmares.

But somewhere between then and now, well, Halloween has lost its appeal. Maybe it’s because my kids are older and Halloween means parties instead of trick-or-treating. Or maybe because now that I’m older, the thought of ghouls and goblins give me the serious creeps. (I can’t even watch The Ghost Whisperer, never mind the reality ghost hunting show on Sci-Fi).

I haven’t gotten so bah-humbug that I’ve turned off the lights…yet. I still hand out loads of candy, still love seeing the sweet little toddlers waddling up the walkway dressed up as Elmo or Bob the Builder or a princess.

But I won’t be carving pumpkins, or bobbing for apples (the germs!), or decorating my house with cobwebs and ghosts.

But one good thing about Halloween—it means Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

Now there’s a holiday I love…not an evil spirit to be seen. Well, depending on how well you like your family. ;)

How about you? Are you a Halloween person? Are you dressing up this year?

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