Monday, October 13, 2008

Must Love Dogs


I’m looking for a little help. I’m trying to flush out a character before I begin writing the first chapter of a new book. The problem I’m running into is that I want her to be a dog owner, but I’m not sure which breed to pick. I grew up with dogs and cats, but we’ve only had black labs or German Shepherds, so my canine experience is limited.

Let me tell you a little bit about the character and maybe you can picture what kind of dog she should have.

Her name is Olivia Limoge and she lives at a seaside town on the East Coast. She is in her early forties, divorced, and childless. She is well off and owns several buildings downtown as well as the town’s finest eatery. As the town has recently been named one of the top ten places to spend a weekend, tourists have been pouring into the area.

Olivia lives in a Victorian house overlooking the sea. There is a lighthouse with a working foghorn on her property and she takes walks on the rocky beach outside her house every morning. She loves historical fiction and longs to become a published writer. Olivia is a bit mystical and believes that from the time she was small, the fog has brought her gifts and left them for her to find on the shore near the lighthouse. Some of these “gifts” will help her solve mysteries.

And now the dog…he or she obviously needs to be comfortable around water, active enough to romp on the beach with Olivia, and friendly enough to accompany her when she checks on her tenants or stops by the restaurant. Any ideas?

Oh, and if you want to pick a name too, please do. I may just chose your dog and dog name and give you credit in the book (if it ends up being sold that is! J ) In any case, thanks in advance.
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