Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Maggie's Most Excellent Adventure--Part III

By Maggie

Arrived Florence on Sat. Sept 27th and revelled in the warmer weather. Mid-60's and mostly gray in Germany w/ partly sunny and 60 degrees. Florence was a sunny, warmer and in the 70's the entire week. Wonderful.

I met the group of women who had gatheered for that Art in Florence week and proceeded to indulge in the daily gelato habit. I don't want to see the scale when I return. It was a relaxing experience even though we walked all over Florence. Each morning, the art historian and professor would speak on the various locales and art treasures we'd see that day, showing us slides of some of the "hidden" art history as well.. It was a wonderful experience. We'd spend each afternoon and early evening walking through the city and finding these gems----the famous and the hidden---in churches, museums, galleries, monasteries, convents, public squares---everywhere. Literally. Over doorways, adorning walls and archways.

We even had time for a day trip on Friday to Siena, whose Medieval architecture was a treat after all the Renaissance flourish of Florence. And also a stop at the beautiful Tuscan town of San Gimignano. Gorgeous. Someone said the movie Under the Tuscan Sun was filmed near there. Understandable.

Last dau Saturderday was a free one to wander off alone----which I love to do---and say goodbyes. We all flew off on Sunday. After a lovely Saturday evening dinner in one of our favorite Italian retstaurants. All in all, a great trip. Particularly since we were outside walking most of the time.

How about you? Do you like those "exploratory" vacations walking around or simply "relax and read" lying in the shade/sun? I'm partial to both actually.
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