Friday, October 3, 2008

Life is…

By Heather

Have you seen those ‘Life is Good’ t-shirts? The ones with the pithy comments and cute pictures of happy campers, elated runners, golfers, swimmers. The list goes on.

What I want to know is why there isn’t there a ‘Life is Good’ shirt for writers showing an author with their book on the NY Times list, a big check in one hand, and a movie producer on the phone.

Oh, wait. Because that rarely happens.

Even so, we can dream, right? Isn’t that what the Good shirts are all about?

If so, then those ‘Life is Crap’ shirts are pretty self-explanatory.

They’re the complete opposite of the Good shirts, and honestly, a lot more realistic. Some images show golfers stuck in the rough; a driver with the gas nozzle held to his head like a gun; the cat destroying the house; diaper changing; telemarketing. Realistic, yes. But humorous, too, because isn’t laughter the best medicine?

I’m thinking the Crap shirts could have a field day with the publishing industry. Can you see the ones for the writers? Stuck in the midlist, broken printer, computer crash, bad book signings (directions to the bathroom, anyone?)… And for publishers with slush piles, marketing, bad cover art? The possibilities are endless.

I might be on to something…

Which do I like better? Hard call. As a person who likes to see the funny in life’s Crap, there’s still something to be said for the idyllic simplicity of the Good shirts.

I might just have to get some of each.

How about you? If you could create a Good shirt and/or a Crap shirt, what would you choose for your design?

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